Gambling Regulation

Study suggests online ‘self-help’ programs for problem gamblers have no long-term benefit

A recently-published study suggests that voluntary participation in ‘self-help’ programs designed to combat problem gambling is not an effective tool for curbing future problematic gambling behaviours.  The study, published in Journal for Gambling Studies, attempted to determine the feasibility and efficacy of a brief online self-help program targeted at ‘concerned’ gamblers who perceived a need to change […]

Gambling Commission establishes ‘Lived Experience Panel’

The Gambling Commission has announced the establishment of a permanent ‘Lived Experience Panel’, which will provide advice, evidence, and recommendation to inform decision-making and raise standards. The panel will provide the Gambling Commission with independent advice based on personal lived experience of gambling harms. The Lived Experience Panel will join the Advisory Board for Safer […]

Data shows the impact of COVID-19 on gambling behaviour in September 2020

The Gambling Commission has published further data showing how the easing of lockdown regulations continued to impact gambling behaviour in Great Britain. The new data reflects the period between March and September, and includes both online and in-person gambling. The latest data shows the online market continues to evolve, seeing a 7% increase in active accounts. This was […]

Data shows impact of COVID-19 on gambling behaviour in the UK

The Gambling Commission has published data showing how Coronavirus (COVID-19) has impacted gambling behaviour in the United Kingdom in the period between March and August 2020. The latest data shows the online market contracting slightly over the period including national lockdown, although it is conceded that this could be attributable to the break in English Premier League football and […]

Gambling Commission introduces new rules to address irresponsible ‘VIP Customer’ schemes

The Gambling Commission has announced strict new guidance for gambling operators to clean up the malpractice of so-called ‘VIP’ schemes. UK gambling operators have been warned that there should be no irresponsible incentivisation of high-value customers. The Commission has identified VIP schemes as an area for change, and has challenged the gambling industry to work together to assess […]

eCOGRA strengthens self-regulatory requirements

eCOGRA, the independent online gambling testing laboratory, has announced the latest amendments to their eCOGRA Generally Accepted Practices (eGAP), which feature enhanced requirements in responsible gambling, customer due diligence, and information security governance, as well as improved advertising and marketing requirements of the European Gambling and Betting Association’s Code of Conduct on Responsible Advertising for Online Gambling. The […]

Gambling Commission challenges gambling operators to make online gambling safer

At a special event hosted in Birmingham, the Gambling Commission sought to unite gambling operators behind a single industry-wide solution to help reduce gambling harm. Industry experts attended the event with the goal of overcoming the challenges associated with achieving a Single Customer View, providing oversight of customers with multiple online accounts. This initiative is being supported by the Betting […]

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